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  First we laughed with prickly legs and stubble beards at police   in polished riot vans. Then we laughed shivering like candles at the Prime Minister’s heated swimming pool. We carried our laughter like The Big Issue   and hurled it at the Education Minister and his ten-thousand- pound Rolex. When they took our right to […]

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WalrusIszi Jones

  WALRUS   It began in Scarborough, on New Year’s Eve, beside the sea The discarded boot perhaps, of some vagrant giant Washed up on smaller shores; Prised us open with ivory prongs Finding things we carried with us from afar Quite unaware. The wonderfully-worn-loved leather jacket I lost in Manchester in 1992 When I […]

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The Month of Emergencies – poemRebecca Faulkner

  7.9 inches of rain fell in Central Park last night dead cicadas on the crosswalk   their bodies bunched   in brittle knots         sticky candy sky bright with grief      branches submerged   by the weight     of our silence     a letter unread a door closed firmly       & […]

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Duino – poemPatrick Mackie

  Whether you can get there from here or wherever depends on whether you are there already, on whether you will find that you are already standing amidst the outspread hands of its stones, and their misty grey dawns,  on whether indeed the arcs and folds of that sky really can make all location moot […]

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Diver Overview – PoemSebastian Schloessingk

  The Great Barrier Reef diver/cameraman ‘cried in my mask’, to see the bleaching. Mankind is beginning to take creaky  baby steps towards being able to live forever. Just when there’s no more   forever to live in. There is a shock that sidles from the phrase ‘humans were rare,’ as applied to time in […]

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Read: MigrationTim Loveday

Photograph of the writer Tim Loveday.

  Migration   seasonal  migration has lost  its language. birds commence reverse  flight. head for land that does not exist.    island holds breath,  throws up sick.  human limbs made tides rogue whip.  birds circle, cry.  swansong  is choking  sob.   our talk is famous.    when lunged  with death  you were brick. a witness […]

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Read: Feathers & BonesRebecca Faulkner

  Feathers & Bones     There are many carcasses,  hundreds of thousands falling  out of the sky in a two-mile  stretch inland, just in front  of my house. Over a dozen      flycatchers, swallows and warblers,  a volume of deaths both common  and sensitive, inexplicable. Before  dying to reach winter grounds three billion […]

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Read: Q&A with John McCullough, Hawthornden Prize 2020 winnerJohn McCullough

  Tell us a bit about your current work on environmental issues and the pandemic, and your book about personal and social anxiety. My collection of poems Reckless Paper Birds contains a large number of poems that inhabit my experiences of severe anxiety and vulnerability. Since it came out, I’ve written a number of poems […]

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