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Floating in the clouds of VenusLee Nash

Lee Nash
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Floating in the clouds of Venus 


Tie me to a met balloon

and let me drift in Venus’ atmosphere,

that planet masquerading as a star.


Suit me up so her sulphuric acid

won’t sear my lungs, turn my sugars

into dirty carbon sludge; give me


a microscope, so I can scan for phosphine,

for armoured molecules dancing

in these carbon dioxide skies.


Don’t drop me; up here it’s balmy,

down there it’s ocean-bottom pressure

and pizza-oven hot, a billion times


as acid as their earthly cousins’ dens.

When I’ve discovered what their shells

are made from, I’ll send back word you’ll need


to start production lines asap,

to reproduce these little heroes’ helmets

so you can stay at home.



The contrarian


If the climate deniers are right

and its all a trivial matter of semantics

(Im playing devils advocate),

lets just go home. Leave a few romantics

to their hopeful protests. Light a new fire.

In Agbogbloshie, theyre doing just that:

burning the plastic off of copper wire.

Its got nothing to do with the climate, that.

Besides, its not my wire thats burning,

not my appliance plugged into the grid,

not my government thats not for turning.

Its not my chart, my takeover bid.

I simply cannot see these things connected.

If I did, I would be disaffected.


Lee Nash writes poetry and flash fiction. Her work has appeared in diverse journals and anthologies, including Acorn, Ambit, Angle, Magma, Mezzo Cammin, Slice, Southword, and “The Best Small Fictions 2019.” Her first poetry chapbook, “Ash Keys,” was published by Flutter Press. She was a 2018 Bath Flash Fiction Award prizewinner, a joint winner of the 2019 Princemere Poetry Prize, and is First Prize winner in Fish Publishing’s 2020 The Lockdown Prize (haiku and senryu category).