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Threading Our WayCeó Ruaírc

Ceó Ruaírc
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Threading Our Way

   Peace River territory


The Peace purls a ripple stitch across the Rockies

   down through fertile valleys


air shimmers in waves

   over the hot road to Hudson’s Hope


glistening fish hide in hollows

   fishers patient hopeful


on the farm Grandma weaves

   a sheaf of wheat into wreathes


Grandpa spins a yarn of bright words

   around the fire


we gather, sing old songs, dance

   give thanks as frost approaches


horses bow to drink where split-rail fences

   cross-stitch fields together


hot clouds of breath rise like prayer

   below powdered hills


paper birch reach bare boned

   toward a radiant  sky


red fox hops and hunts small critters

   scurry under a deep crisp blanket of white



the river, a band of dark silk

   slows across frozen land, grows pale  


bears sleep dreaming the zig-zag dance

   of elk and wolf


lynx and hare, dreaming return

   of bright buds bursting


the Mighty Peace

   sheds her frozen skin


in the distance, Pink Mountain’s

   surreal blush blooms


stone sheep bleat, moose bellow

   we hunger for this


like a bear’s drowned hope

   of bright buds bursting


we rise like a prayer, patient hopeful

   dance give thanks


as the wolverine hunts, bare boned

   we fight for this land


   threading our way up over mountain

   down through fertile valley


we gather



Naturalist/poet, Ceó Ruaírc writes from wild places, inspired by wolf song, coastal storms, and the tenacity of trees. Ceó lives along the shores of Discovery Passage, British Columbia, where unnamed creeks meander through rainforest down to the Pacific Ocean. Bald Eagles nest nearby, as do Belted Kingfishers, Pileated Woodpeckers, and Northern Pygmy Owls. A great diversity of wild neighbours includes Cougar and Black Bear, Roosevelt Elk, Humpback Whales, Pacific Tree Frogs and Rough-skinned Newts.