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On the Fossil Free Books ControversyToby Litt

  A couple of days ago, our editor Toby Litt published a poem on his Substack, A Writer’s Diary. It was a response to criticisms of the Fossil Free Books campaign. Since then, the controversy over Fossil Free Books has become even more divisive. Many but definitely not all of the members of Writers Rebel […]

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In Memory of Snow, February 2040John Barron

  1st Snow was a kind of hand-wringing heat; mine burned psychedelic red with it. Where your footsteps trod, it cast blue shadows like a methane fire. Crystals, so many I couldn’t get the maths straight in my head, falling feathery, light … FeatherLite, my nan’s eiderdown, all put away now inside some cupboard. We […]

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Q&A with Vik SharmaToby Litt

  How did the collaboration between you and Ruth Padel on 24 Splashes of Denial come about? The Sixth Assessment Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was the beginning. Its release was shocking and psychically disturbing for many of us. Inaction felt like a betrayal of everything I loved, believed in, […]

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The Two UnseensBrandon Ra Pestano

    Brandon Ra Pestano is a 26 year old poet of mixed Guyanese and English heritage from Brighton, England. He has represented the South of England in spoken word at the National Portrait Gallery, as well as performing his poetry at Greenwich West Gallery and having a short poetry film exhibited at the Institute […]

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The Month of Emergencies – poemRebecca Faulkner

  7.9 inches of rain fell in Central Park last night dead cicadas on the crosswalk   their bodies bunched   in brittle knots         sticky candy sky bright with grief      branches submerged   by the weight     of our silence     a letter unread a door closed firmly       & […]

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Duino – poemPatrick Mackie

  Whether you can get there from here or wherever depends on whether you are there already, on whether you will find that you are already standing amidst the outspread hands of its stones, and their misty grey dawns,  on whether indeed the arcs and folds of that sky really can make all location moot […]

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Diver Overview – PoemSebastian Schloessingk

  The Great Barrier Reef diver/cameraman ‘cried in my mask’, to see the bleaching. Mankind is beginning to take creaky  baby steps towards being able to live forever. Just when there’s no more   forever to live in. There is a shock that sidles from the phrase ‘humans were rare,’ as applied to time in […]

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Threading Our WayCeó Ruaírc

  Threading Our Way    Peace River territory   The Peace purls a ripple stitch across the Rockies    down through fertile valleys   air shimmers in waves    over the hot road to Hudson’s Hope   glistening fish hide in hollows    fishers patient hopeful   on the farm Grandma weaves    a sheaf of wheat into wreathes   […]

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The prayer of the Common NewtGordon Meade

  The Prayer of the Common Newt   In a muddy pond, in the outskirts  of Clydebank, a mother, with over two  hundred eggs inside her, is beginning the process of giving birth. Over the next few weeks,   each day she will deposit about a dozen  of them not on a folded over leaf, […]

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Read: White Snow, SnowNancy Campbell

  Hau kea white snow, snow (Hawaiian)   In this tropical archipelago, snow is most likely to be found on a simmering crater. In winter the temperature at the summits of Mauna Loa, Haleakala and Mauna Kea – the state’s three tallest volcanoes – drops to below freezing. Mauna Kea means ‘white mountain’ and it […]

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Read: Three PoemsSue Hubbard

The poet Sue Hubbard, smiling.

  Sakura   Not Yoshino in April  when blossom-fringed branches bow towards the ground in prayer  beneath an early moon illuminating the frailty of  white clouds  where friends gather  to sip sake and petals flutter  to the ground pale as moths but deep January in Islington’s  Highbury Fields where these tender buds   this early […]

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Read: Animal EdenZakia Carpenter-Hall

A black and white portrait of the writer Zakia Carpenter-Hall.

  Animal Eden   It was the year of the viral video,  nature coming out of hiding. We were supposed to believe  that within weeks, animal life  had overwritten us with their joy  and reckless abandon, as if instincts  told them like radio waves signalling  through the ether that humans  are under quarantine and no […]

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Read: For a Coming ExtinctionPascale Petit

  For a Coming Extinction   (after W. S. Merwin)     You whom we have named Charger, Challenger, Great King, and Noor the shining one,   now that you are at the brink of extinction, I am writing to those of you   who have reached the black groves of the sky, where you […]

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Listen: Twenty Four Splashes of DenialRuth Padel

A portrait of the poet Ruth Padel in front of the roots of a tree.

    XRWRITERSREBEL · Twenty Four Splashes Of Denial by Ruth Padel   Ruth Padel is a poet, novelist and non-fiction author, Professor of Poetry at King’s College London, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and Zoological Society of London. She has published a novel focusing on wildlife in India, and a range of non-fiction […]

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Watch: Shoulder SeasonJoe Dunthorne

  Shoulder Season   The creature lies still in the villa’s pool, waiting for the day the caretaker rolls back the tarp and the first wasps of the year thrash themselves to stillness. Then they come, writhing on their inflatables, the holidaymakers. It’s not until midweek that the family’s youngest, grown sufficiently bored and appalled, […]

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Read: ARE YOU HERE FOR THIS?Salena Godden


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