Read: MigrationTim Loveday

Photograph of the writer Tim Loveday.

  Migration   seasonal  migration has lost  its language. birds commence reverse  flight. head for land that does not exist.    island holds breath,  throws up sick.  human limbs made tides rogue whip.  birds circle, cry.  swansong  is choking  sob.   our talk is famous.    when lunged  with death  you were brick. a witness […]

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Read: Q&A with Rajat ChaudhuriRajat Chaudhuri

    You’re an environmental activist, as well as an author of speculative fiction. Tell us a bit about these two aspects of your life, and how they feed each other. At university I studied Economics which might sound counter-intuitive for an environmental activist. I guess the theories of demand-led growth, markets and so on which […]

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Listen: Twenty Four Splashes of DenialRuth Padel

A portrait of the poet Ruth Padel in front of the roots of a tree.

    XRWRITERSREBEL · Twenty Four Splashes Of Denial by Ruth Padel   Ruth Padel is a poet, novelist and non-fiction author, Professor of Poetry at King’s College London, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and Zoological Society of London. She has published a novel focusing on wildlife in India, and a range of non-fiction […]

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