Read: WHAT HUMBOLDT KNEW Josefine Klougart

  It was the Prussian polymath, scientist and writer Alexander von Humboldt (1767-1835) who paved the way for biogeography – the study of species and ecosystems across space and time – becoming established as an empirical science. The publications that emerged from his many expeditions are recognised as foundational to our present understanding of nature as a single great […]

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Read: MigrationTim Loveday

Photograph of the writer Tim Loveday.

  Migration   seasonal  migration has lost  its language. birds commence reverse  flight. head for land that does not exist.    island holds breath,  throws up sick.  human limbs made tides rogue whip.  birds circle, cry.  swansong  is choking  sob.   our talk is famous.    when lunged  with death  you were brick. a witness […]

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Read: Feathers & BonesRebecca Faulkner

  Feathers & Bones     There are many carcasses,  hundreds of thousands falling  out of the sky in a two-mile  stretch inland, just in front  of my house. Over a dozen      flycatchers, swallows and warblers,  a volume of deaths both common  and sensitive, inexplicable. Before  dying to reach winter grounds three billion […]

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