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Who are we?


Chloe Aridjis grew up in the Netherlands and Mexico, where her father Homero Aridjis founded the environmental Group of 100, comprised of Latin American artists and intellectuals. She has published three novels— Book of Clouds, Asunder, and Sea Monsters — and has been a guest curator at Tate Liverpool. In 2014 she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and, more recently, the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. Chloe is particularly interested in issues involving animal welfare, and dreams of a world in which animals cease to be exploited.



Liz Jensen’s first work of eco-fiction was Ark Baby (1998), a comic romp about evolution, while her two most recent thrillers, The Rapture (2010) and The Uninvited (2012), are inspired by the climate emergency. Liz has lived in Copenhagen since 2013 but travels regularly to Britain by train for XR and other work. She loves good jokes and high-quality fake meat. Ply her with any one of these and she is yours.



Toby Litt is the author of short stories, novels, comics and a memoir. His most recent project is A Writer’s Diary (daily on Substack and published by Galley Beggar 2023). When he is not writing, he likes to read, play guitar and do nothing. He is the Head of Creative Writing at the University of Southampton.


James Miller is a novelist, academic and activist. He is the author of the novels Lost Boys (Little Brown 2008) and Unamerican Activities (Dodo Ink 2017) and the cli-fi novel Sunshine State (Little, Brown 2010).



Laurel Sills is a writer, editor and musician based in the wilds of Dartmoor. She has two SF novellas and various short stories published, and works professionally as a fiction editor, with over ten years of experience within the publishing industry. Always passionate about the planet as a life-long vegetarian turned vegan, with a young start to activism as a supporter of the hunt saboteurs as a child, her concerns for the climate emergency turned to action when she had children of her own, taking both babies to XR families and larger XR protests, and educating herself as much as she could on the complexities of the issue – a never-ending endeavour.


Jessica Townsend began her career as writer-in-residence at Hampstead Theatre and won the Peggy Ramsay prize. She directed several prize-winning short films. More recently she has been juggling a feature film commission, which is now in casting to shoot next year, finishing her first novel and coordinating the Extinction Rebellion podcast.


With Thanks


Roc Sandford is a farmer, writer and environmentalist who has been involved with XR since before it started.




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