Read: Feathers & BonesRebecca Faulkner

  Feathers & Bones     There are many carcasses,  hundreds of thousands falling  out of the sky in a two-mile  stretch inland, just in front  of my house. Over a dozen      flycatchers, swallows and warblers,  a volume of deaths both common  and sensitive, inexplicable. Before  dying to reach winter grounds three billion […]

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Read: We Celebrate the Life of David GraeberDavid Graeber

David Graeber.

  During the recent Rebellion we lost an inspirational friend and ally, David Graeber. This Sunday, 11 October 2020, sees an Intergalactic Memorial Carnival take place in over 100 (and counting) locations around the world – and everyone from XR is invited. Rebels in London can head to Portobello Road, and there are events planned […]

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Read: Q&A with Diana McCaulayDiana McCaulay and Monique Roffey

Diana McCaulay portrait by Jonathan Chambers

  Diana McCaulay, Jamaican environmentalist and author of Daylight Come, (Peepal Tree Press), spoke with Trinidadian author and Writers Rebel co-founder, Monique Roffey. They talked about about ‘Goatillas’, a carbon Neutral Caribbean, deadly heat, and Climate Change as bedfellow with our Colonial past.     Diana, congratulations on publishing such a relevant book for our […]

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Read: In the Shadow of the StormRichard Georges

Portrait of the writer Richard Georges.

  The day before the sky swallowed us, I sat in my car in the parking lot of one of the island’s crowded supermarkets and listened to the radio for storm updates. The 11 o’clock was late, gospel music blared hope on the AM channels and an aimless circle spun blindly on my phone. Bobby’s […]

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Read: Three PoemsSue Hubbard

The poet Sue Hubbard, smiling.

  Sakura   Not Yoshino in April  when blossom-fringed branches bow towards the ground in prayer  beneath an early moon illuminating the frailty of  white clouds  where friends gather  to sip sake and petals flutter  to the ground pale as moths but deep January in Islington’s  Highbury Fields where these tender buds   this early […]

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Read: Iggy Fox’s Defence StatementIggy Fox

Iggy Fox on the Eros Statue in London.

  The wildlife biologist and campaigner Raphael Coleman, known in XR as Iggy Fox, joined Extinction Rebellion as part of the Media and Messaging team in 2018. He was active in XR Youth, a beloved member of the Snowflakes affinity group, and the force behind XR’s iconic Paint The Streets campaigns. When still a zoology student, he […]

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Read: Q&A with Neel MukherjeeNeel Mukherjee

  What do you think might be the role of writers in the Anthropocene? I’m not sure writers have much of a role in the world we inhabit now, or that we ever did: literature is wildly overrated; remember Auden’s ‘Poetry makes nothing happen’? I say this with sorrow and anger and disillusionment, not triumph. […]

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