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Fast-Track ActivismAnna Durance

  On 23rd January I attended City of London Magistrates’ Court to support three women at their court case who had been charged with breach of Section 12 of the Public Order Act. They had briefly disrupted traffic as they slow marched down Shaftesbury Avenue in July 2023 to raise the alarm about climate and […]

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  Our mission at Writers Rebel is to motivate writers not only to write about the climate emergency, but to get their work into the world and begin to enrage, engage and inspire readers. Because in order to navigate the crisis and change the business-as-usual narrative of our politicians and mainstream media, we need first […]

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  A few weeks ago, I was working on a story which features a character overwhelmed at the crises facing our world. I typed the words livable future because I wanted the character to engage with the absurdity of such a phrase, the fact that the possibility of it is still — shockingly — up […]

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Let Us Become the Responsive Species Carsten Jensen 

  The elephant doesn’t dream of a trunk the length of a fire hose. The blue whale doesn’t want to become a kilometre long. Bigger isn’t always better. Nature knows boundaries: humans don’t. It is our sick dream of eternal, relentless growth that has set us on a collision course with nature.  Not only are […]

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In Memory of Snow, February 2040John Barron

  1st Snow was a kind of hand-wringing heat; mine burned psychedelic red with it. Where your footsteps trod, it cast blue shadows like a methane fire. Crystals, so many I couldn’t get the maths straight in my head, falling feathery, light … FeatherLite, my nan’s eiderdown, all put away now inside some cupboard. We […]

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On Writing the UnthinkableAmitav Ghosh and Liz Jensen

  In your 2016 book The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable you take contemporary literature to task for failing to address the climate and ecological crisis. Have fiction writers woken up since then – and if so, what are the most important changes you’ve seen in the literary landscape since 2016? Has the […]

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The Language of Trees Katie Holten

  When I feel overwhelmed by what we’ve caused—biodiversity loss, climate change, ecocide, hunger, migration, pandemics, poverty, war—I find solace in the beauty of the living world, especially in trees. Trees are truthful. They fill me with joy. The simplicity and quiet wonder of trees, whether alone on a city footpath or together in a […]

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  First we laughed with prickly legs and stubble beards at police   in polished riot vans. Then we laughed shivering like candles at the Prime Minister’s heated swimming pool. We carried our laughter like The Big Issue   and hurled it at the Education Minister and his ten-thousand- pound Rolex. When they took our right to […]

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CLIMATE OF LIESJessica Townsend

  Who or what do you personally blame for the crisis? The twin problems of ecological and climate collapse now seem to overlap so profoundly with our many other issues, such as the cost of living and fuel crises, that many are just calling the whole entangled mess the polycrisis. The finger definitely points at […]

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Greeting SamhainJesse Hill

  Today is Halloween. Or at least, that is what it has come to be known by. Yet, hidden beneath the commodification and consumerism, this celebration has deeply-winding roots in paganism (as is often the case, such as with Christmas (Yule) and Easter (Ostara)). I’d like to invite you, if you haven’t already, to meet […]

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  I’m not an academic. I’m not a scientist or a geographer. I can only give you the broad brushstrokes of an observer, a reader, a poet. Bear with me. How do we see the Earth? Imagine her from space. Describe her. We’ll probably say mostly blue, random areas of green. We won’t mention the […]

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DEAR MASS POLLUTERXR Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

  In March 2023, the independent oil company Perenco’s Wytch Farm plant caused toxic oil solutions to leak into Poole Harbour. XR Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole have since been organising protests against Perenco’s ecocidal activities locally and around the world. This is the letter it delivered to Perenco’s chairman last month. Dear François Perrodo, What […]

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  In case you haven’t heard, the romcom is back. I read the other day that thirty-six new romantic comedies are coming out this year. To quote Meg Ryan, “Yes, yes, YES!”  In an age of existential despair and geopolitical turmoil, a time when coverage of the Israel-Palestine war is interrupted by the breaking news […]


The Stories TV Doesn’t TellNick Langley

  We all know how the story goes. It’s Episode 5. We know who’s guilty, and the central character’s hunch has hardened into certainty, but there’s still not enough evidence: their every lead has petered out in a wilderness of brick walls, red herrings and dead metaphors. Colleagues have lost faith; they think the hero/heroine […]

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  LITERARY INDUSTRY WORKERS CALL ON BOOKS FESTIVAL SPONSOR BAILLIE GIFFORD TO DIVEST FROM FOSSIL FUELS Over 170 literary industry representatives – including booksellers, literary events staff, and authors such as Naomi Klein, George Monbiot, Robert Macfarlane, Emma Dabiri, Rebecca Solnit, and Ben Okri – have signed Fossil Free Books’ statement calling on Baillie Gifford to […]

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The Sounds of Climate ChangeCaspar Henderson

  On 28 May 2008, a mass of ice about three miles across and a mile deep broke off the Ilulissat Glacier in western Greenland. Over the course of seventy-five minutes, huge chunks, many of them 1,000 metres or more from top to bottom, slid away and rolled over, thrusting their undersides hundreds of metres […]

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  People need drama, they need wildness, and they need nature. And the BBC’s Springwatch provides it all. Set over an hour an evening four nights a week for three weeks in May in the UK, Springwatch transmits live from a variety of locations where wildlife scientists give scientific insight into the soap opera-like goings on […]

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  Jail has taught me a lot. But it’s not what the government hoped.  During the 17 years I practised civil engineering I wrote a steady stream of reports and journal papers, alongside occasional industry magazine articles. All of that was dry compared to most things, especially to the issues raised by civil resistance and […]

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  There is nowhere that climate chaos will not harm. We’ve heard this, again and again, and yet we cannot seem to grasp it. Even those places we call Paradise—whether it’s a town called Paradise, like the one in California, destroyed by fire in 2018, or places we find so perfect we call them Paradise, […]

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