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We TriedLouise Harris

Louise Harris
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We don’t often share videos on Writers Rebel, but this one is special.

You probably know Louise Harris as the young woman from the JSO gantry protest over the M25 motorway.

Here’s what Brian Eno says about ‘We Tried’:

“This beautiful and moving song is a powerful weapon. We need to wake up to the cowardly inertia of our governments, to the greedy shortsightedness of business-as-usual, and to the numbing distractions of the media. This song woke me up. I hope it gets centuries of airtime.”

There’s a campaign to get the song to Number One for Christmas. And, if you feel moved, you can help by:

  1. Gifting ‘We Tried’ to all your friends and family on iTunes. (Read how to do this here).
  2. Sharing the music video on your social media.
  3. Downloading and streaming the song on Spotify, and other streaming platforms, as much as possible! It’s free, and you can have it on repeat in the background.
  4. Donate to Louise’s Climate Album 2024 Fundraiser to help promotion and adverts of the song.

You can also:


(All proceeds will be going to climate campaigns and causes.)