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  Every parent fears losing a child, but when my first son was born I was gripped with an unshakable terror that one day a child of mine would die. Dismissing it wasn’t an option: its hold was too firm. It made me feel lonely and furtive and ashamed, the way awful secrets do. I […]

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  A few weeks ago, I was working on a story which features a character overwhelmed at the crises facing our world. I typed the words livable future because I wanted the character to engage with the absurdity of such a phrase, the fact that the possibility of it is still — shockingly — up […]

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Iggy Fox and Liz Jensen at the October 2019 Rebellion.

Liz Jensen gave this speech at the XR event Forfattere gør oprør, which was held in front of Danmarks Radio (DR), the national broadcaster, on the afternoon of 18 September 2020. Grief can do two things. It can shrink your soul – or it can expand it. Most of us here know grief. And if […]

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There was a meme circulating a few months ago which contrasted the competing virtues of Greta Thunberg and the Dutch inventor Boyan Slat as poster children for the climate movement. Both Greta and Boyan are young, idealistic and passionately committed to environmental causes. They were both still teenagers when they first came to public prominence. […]

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