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Emissaries from the PostworldKatharine Haake

  Emissaries from the Postworld: Account F   One day a flower appeared where nothing ever was before. It had been so long since any one of us had seen a thing we weren’t sure what to call it at first. Um, one said. A-hem, another said. Until one of us arrived at the word: […]

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  Our mission at Writers Rebel is to motivate writers not only to write about the climate emergency, but to get their work into the world and begin to enrage, engage and inspire readers. Because in order to navigate the crisis and change the business-as-usual narrative of our politicians and mainstream media, we need first […]

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  A few weeks ago, I was working on a story which features a character overwhelmed at the crises facing our world. I typed the words livable future because I wanted the character to engage with the absurdity of such a phrase, the fact that the possibility of it is still — shockingly — up […]

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