A Citizen’s ArrestCarsten Jensen

  “What if I got to jail?” I thought, when Extinction Rebellion Denmark asked me to speak at the opening of its week of protest. Because this is the point we’ve reached: the point where states come down more heavily on climate protest than on tax evasion. When he was jailed for his role in […]

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Shadwell Three: Phil Kingston’s Defence StatementPhil Kingston

Phil Kingston

  Phil Kingston, 85, was one of three Christians on trial in January 2021 after they stopped a train at Shadwell Station in London in 2019. Two people stood on top of the train while Phil superglued himself to the side of the train. All three were acquitted. Here are some extracts from the defence […]

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The Vicar, The Priest and The Former Probation OfficerJessica Townsend

  A vicar, a priest and an elderly former probation officer sat on a train. Not in a train, you understand: on it. It sounds like the beginning of a joke but it’s not. Far from it. These are the facts that were established at the beginning of a court case in which three people […]

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Children of the Revolution: On Parenting and ProtestChristiana Spens

‘Why are we here, Mummy?’ My four year-old son asked, as we joined the swathes of Extinction Rebellion protesters in Glasgow’s George Square in September 2019. ‘The ice caps are still melting. This isn’t really going to help the polar bears, is it?’ I was slightly taken aback. Caspian had always been fascinated by wild […]

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READ: They All Run TogetherJoin us for On the Brink: Mon 30th Nov, 7pm GMT

Vaquita Porpoise

This year for Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th, Writers Rebel are bringing together 20 writers from around the globe including Margaret Atwood, Amitav Ghosh, Elizabeth Kolbert, Ben Okri, Homero Aridjis and others to each tell  the story of one animal. Please join us for this free landmark event. Below, Writers Rebel member Alex […]

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Read: Trafalgar Sq RhapsodySusana Medina

The writer Susana Medina.

  To James ‘Iggy’ Fox   We are nature. We are science. We turn grief into action. We protest and we sing and we play and we dance. We do so for life. We are mourning the earth. We are mourning us. We are re-inventing the city. We are the grief-stricken carnival spirit that marks […]

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Read: Where Are Their Cats? Jessica Townsend

  I remember the moment of panic on the tube as it clattered towards Waterloo. Was I really going to go through with this? I was in my mid-fifties, a grandmother to two, and I had agreed to be part of a topless protest on Waterloo Bridge. What was I thinking? Let’s begin with the easy […]

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