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Twyford Rising: Land and Resistance | Helen Beynon & Chris Gillham

Twyford Rising tells the story of the protests to stop the construction of a motorway through Twyford Down, a hill in Hampshire. This was the first time environmental direct action on a large scale had taken place in the United Kingdom.


This book tells the story of those protests in the words of those who were there, weaving together memories of local residents, new age travellers and young environmental activists. Interviews are linked with descriptions of a wild and ancient landscape, evoking a place that was loved by the people who walked there and those who camped on the route of the road. Twyford Rising is illustrated with photographs and leaflets from the time, recording both actions and the lost land itself.


Twyford Rising contains ideas and inspiration for contemporary campaigners. It provides an historical context for todays’ environmental protests, including those against HS2, fracking and climate change.


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