READ: They All Run TogetherJoin us for On the Brink: Mon 30th Nov, 7pm GMT

Vaquita Porpoise

This year for Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th, Writers Rebel are bringing together 20 writers from around the globe including Margaret Atwood, Amitav Ghosh, Elizabeth Kolbert, Ben Okri, Homero Aridjis and others to each tell  the story of one animal. Please join us for this free landmark event. Below, Writers Rebel member Alex […]

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Read: The Danish Mink CrisisCarsten Jensen

  There are a million species under threat of extinction throughout the world, with as many as two hundred disappearing every day. But amongst these there is one species whose passing we need not mourn: the Danish mink farmer.  Even before Covid jumped the species barrier from humans to mink and back again, mutating into […]

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