Satisfying, empowering, life-affirming: civil disobediencePeter Kalmus

Peter Kalmus getting arrested with Scientist Rebellion

  Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist, known as @ClimateHuman on Twitter, founder of ClimateAd and a  number of other organisations responding to the climate crisis. Last week he was arrested with Scientist Rebellion. Yesterday (Tuesday 12th April 2022) he spoke at the a launch event of the new A22 global climate change civil resistance […]

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There is a planJessica Townsend

  It has taken 3.5 billion years of life for this planet to evolve into its present beauty and complexity. Yet it has only taken my lifetime for half the carbon emissions now present to appear in the atmosphere. Today everything alive on our miraculous Earth is under threat. Yet there is a plan, which […]

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