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Latitude: 71° 17′ 26″ N Longitude: 156° 47′ 19″ W   Big fat flakes of snow drifted past the kitchen window. I watched them fall, while stirring honey into my oatmeal. ‘Whale snow.’ Julia sighed. ‘That’s the kind of snow you get when whales are around. They’re out there. Just we can’t get to them.’ […]

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Frequencies at DuskJane Smith

  Twenty of us stood masked and slightly nervous in the brightly-lit prefab hut, ready to be initiated into a whole new world of nocturnal life. Phil from the local bat group showed us photos of brown long-eared bats, talked about bat altruism and touched on the wonder of the nursery roosts he’d seen. He […]

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Read: On Being a Conscious EvolutionaryManda Scott

  The world is holding its breath.  We are in lockdown, each of us caught somewhere along the spectrum between hell and heaven and the sense of waiting pushes down on my shoulders and steals my breath.  If I go up the hill to ask What do you want of me? (I live on the […]

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Read: WanderlandJini Reddy

This is an exclusive excerpt from Jini Reddy’s new book, Wanderland. ‘In south-west London, trying to make sense of it all – not just my father’s and sister’s deaths, but what felt like a total failure to make anything stick – I’d gravitate like a homing pigeon to Holland Park. It brought me back to […]

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