Satisfying, empowering, life-affirming: civil disobediencePeter Kalmus

Peter Kalmus getting arrested with Scientist Rebellion

  Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist, known as @ClimateHuman on Twitter, founder of ClimateAd and a  number of other organisations responding to the climate crisis. Last week he was arrested with Scientist Rebellion. Yesterday (Tuesday 12th April 2022) he spoke at the a launch event of the new A22 global climate change civil resistance […]

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They have given us no reason to trust themEmma Garnett

  This is an edited version of a speech given to XR Scientists at the Science Museum on 29th August 2021 My name is Emma. I am a Research Fellow at Cambridge University looking at behaviour change and sustainable diets. But I’m not here to talk about that. Instead, I’ve been asked to speak today […]

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