Read: Now and never: a note of reflection for the September RebellionRupert Read

Let’s take a moment, this moment, to reflect upon where we are and why, before we launch into the urgent matter of September.   Why ‘Extinction Rebellion’? Because when your government is driving you and your family over a cliff, it’s no longer a legitimate government. Rebellion against it is permitted – indeed, it’s required. […]

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Read: Rebel diary: for my childrenWoodford Roberts

Photograph of Woodford Roberts, the activist.

  Rebel diary — October 2019 This is for my children — and your children too. Love like you have never loved before. Rebel for life. It doesn’t take many people to take a bridge and we took it quickly. But we didn’t have infrastructure, the police had taken it all the day before in a raid on a nearby […]

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Read: I dropped out of school to protest the Climate EmergencyBlue Sandford

Blue Sandford at an Extinction Rebellion demonstration.

  I did my GCSEs last year, a few weeks after the April Rebellion. I just scraped through – when you’ve spent two weeks on the barricades watching people being carried away by the police and hearing scary facts about the future of the planet, exams don’t seem that important. Why do I care how […]

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Read: Green GuiltAnouchka Grose

Photograph of Anouchka Grose, smiling.

  Much is made of the relationships, the intersections, the similarities and differences between various feelings and emotional states. How do you tell envy from jealousy? Why does love so readily turn to hate? What are the tonal variations between shame and embarrassment, fear and anxiety, guilt and remorse?  I find myself churning over these […]

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Read: A dispatch from the French AlpsNatasha Randall

A black and white photograph of the writer Natasha Randall.

  There were blue tits nesting in the eaves above our front door this spring. The parent birds brought beakfuls of fat green worms and spindly flying bugs for the calling babies. We moved into a small gite, the lower floor of a chalet at the top of a small French mountain just a month […]

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Read: Q&A with John McCullough, Hawthornden Prize 2020 winnerJohn McCullough

  Tell us a bit about your current work on environmental issues and the pandemic, and your book about personal and social anxiety. My collection of poems Reckless Paper Birds contains a large number of poems that inhabit my experiences of severe anxiety and vulnerability. Since it came out, I’ve written a number of poems […]

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Feral in the BurbsSir Simon Schama

Portrait of Sir Simon Schama wearing casual clothes.

  The Hudson Valley suburbs, I am happy to report, remain a savage place.  Two days ago (in the first week of August 2020) we took a direct hit from Tropical Storm Isaias and bosky turned brutal. White oaks and red maples, shag bark hickories and tulip trees bent, broke or uprooted, smashing down on […]

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Read: Animal EdenZakia Carpenter-Hall

A black and white portrait of the writer Zakia Carpenter-Hall.

  Animal Eden   It was the year of the viral video,  nature coming out of hiding. We were supposed to believe  that within weeks, animal life  had overwritten us with their joy  and reckless abandon, as if instincts  told them like radio waves signalling  through the ether that humans  are under quarantine and no […]

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