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Almost Invisible AngelsJay Griffiths & Mark Rylance

In Almost Invisible Angels, Jay Griffiths & Sir Mark Rylance speak out in praise of insects. Original score composed & performed by Sam Lee & Anna Phoebe. “They do not take the title of angels, being by nature bashful and unassuming, they go by other names – firefly, bee, ant, caddisfly – I wish that everyone who […]

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Dandelions on the CommonCraig Smith

  There are new dandelions on the Common. The spindly stalks of these coin-sized supernova can barely lift their heads from the ground, today being November and the season for dandelions long being over. One weekend, three years back, the boy and I questioned how the solar rays of dandelion petals switched modes to become […]

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Rebugging the Planet Vicki Hird

  As my older son emerged dripping from the lake with a leech on his foot my excitement was infectious enough to send his brother wading back into the icy waters to get one of his own. I’m not suggesting blood-sucking leeches should be loved by everyone. That’s probably taking it too far. But if […]

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