What I said to the jury who found me guiltyZappi Taylor

  On 22nd July, three rebels were convicted of taking action at the Brazilian Embassy against the ecocidal and genocidal regime of President Bolsonaro. Possible sentences range from a community order to 18 months in prison.  This is the address given by one of the rebels, 24 year old Zappi Taylor, to the jury.   […]

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Read: Iggy Fox’s Defence StatementIggy Fox

Iggy Fox on the Eros Statue in London.

  The wildlife biologist and campaigner Raphael Coleman, known in XR as Iggy Fox, joined Extinction Rebellion as part of the Media and Messaging team in 2018. He was active in XR Youth, a beloved member of the Snowflakes affinity group, and the force behind XR’s iconic Paint The Streets campaigns. When still a zoology student, he […]

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