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Tell George Eustice MP: Don’t push insects to the brink!Join our campaign to get proper legal protection for our insects under threat

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This is the email we will send to George Eustice MP.

(You can personalise the message by scrolling down to the petition and clicking on the eye to read/edit. Personalised messages are more effective.)

The fate of insects and humans is tightly intertwined. Without pollinators, our crops fail. Without worms and beetles, our soils are barren. Many of the world’s 5.5 million species of insect are going extinct without us ever knowing their abilities or their stories. What we are left with is tragedy: over 40% of the world’s populations in decline at a rate of 2.5% a year; in the UK alone, 23 bee and wasp species have gone extinct since 1850.

The re-introduction of the Environment Bill into parliament, with an ambition for the Bill to form a central part in delivering environmental protection and recovery, is very welcome. It is essential that biodiversity is included as one of the four priority areas.

But the Environment Bill forgets insects. Without proper legal protection and funding, our insect populations will continue to disappear. We will not be able to say that we did all we could. We can do more, and we must do more.

In line with evidence already presented to government by the National Biodiversity Network Trust, we ask you to:

  • Reverse your decision to support re-introduction of neonicotinoids;
  • Include insects in new legislation recognising animal sentience;
  • Guarantee protections afforded under the Environment Bill will at least match those currently given under EU law;
  • Strengthen the requirement to “have regard for” the need to conserve and enhance biodiversity to a legal requirement;
  • Triple funding for Natural England and the devolved nations to enforce the conservation and enhancement of insect biodiversity;
  • Enshrine in law that Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects and other large scale infrastructure projects are required to deliver biodiversity net gain; and that this be maintained in perpetuity and not ended after 30 years.

These are concrete, straightforward, “no loss” changes that you have the power to implement. The alternative is the death of our insect species… which could be the death of us.

Do the right thing, George. Don’t push our insects to the brink of extinction.


Protect insects and biodiversity in the Environment Bill

Dear George Eustice MP

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