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Contagious TalesEdited by Andrew Simms

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This book is part of an ongoing project begun by the New Weather Institute to find more imaginative ways to tell the stories of the challenges faced by our times. Title and authors include Deerspeak by Anita Roy, You Know This Already by Sarah Woods, The Ark by Corrina Cordon and The Prime Minister Knitted Me A Jumper by Chris Nichols.


“These stories matter because they help us grasp a world that is seemingly out of control and imagine what steps we can take next to make things better.”
Alan Rusbridgereditor of Prospect magazine, former editor of The Guardian


“This book is like being by a campfire, surrounded by your favourite people telling stories that are funny, inventive, full of pathos and truth, but also making leaps of imagination that point the way out of our current self-destructive path.”
Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP and former leader.


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