Watch: Zadie Smith on grief, protest and lies
Zadie Smith

Photo of Zadie Smith speaking at Tufton Street by Kelly Hill.

  On 2 September 2022, Zadie Smith joined Writers Rebel at 55 Tufton Street, and delivered a speech that has already been shared and watched thousands of times. This is a defining moment in the struggle for climate justice. If you feel strongly about the climate and ecological emergency, join us and help make a […]

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Zadie Smith

Watch: Shoulder Season
Joe Dunthorne

  Shoulder Season   The creature lies still in the villa’s pool, waiting for the day the caretaker rolls back the tarp and the first wasps of the year thrash themselves to stillness. Then they come, writhing on their inflatables, the holidaymakers. It’s not until midweek that the family’s youngest, grown sufficiently bored and appalled, […]

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Joe Dunthorne

Watch: Writers Marathon Reading

The People of the River Rise reading, hosted by Culture Declares, took place during lockdown on 20 May 2020. It was organised by Paul Ewen and hosted by Toby Litt. The writers who took part were Alfie, Chloe Aridjis, Jeff Goodell, Monique Roffey, Susana Medina, Edward Platt, Clare Morrall, Anoucha Grose, Jessica Townsend, Josh Appignanesi, […]

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