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Non-FictionReading List

News of the Earth by Homero Aridjis, Betty Ferber, Mandel Vilar Press, 2018

Over thirty years of environmental activism mapped out in powerful essays by Mexican poet Homero Aridjis, whose Group of 100, comprised of Latin American artists and writers, was Mexico’s most influential green movement for decades.


The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable by Amitav Ghosh, University of Chicago Press, 2017

A seminal work by a novelist born in the global south about the cultural  silence around the climate and biodiversity crisis.  


The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert, Bloomsbury, 2014

In her Pulitzer Prize winning book, Kolbert argues that the Earth is experiencing a sixth, man-made extinction that threatens between 20-50% of all living species. 


Underland: A Deep Time Journey by Robert MacFarlane, Hamish Hamilton, 2019

An exploration of the relations between mankind, the world below and the immensity of ‘deep time’ all rendered in Macfarlane’s exquisite prose.


Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver, Penguin Random House USA, 2016

This collection gathers together the much-loved American poet’s emotional and perceptive essays on nature and writing.


The Great Flood: Travels Through a Sodden Landscape by Edward Platt, Picador, 2019

Blending reportage and travel writing with historical and literary context, Platt looks at the impact of floods on the physical and psychological map of Britain. 


The Uninhabitable Earth: What Climate Change Means by David Wallace-Wells, Allen Lane, 2019

The New York Times best seller giving the unvarnished truth about climate change.