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Oil is Poison


Delay is deadly.

That’s the message of our poster, created by award-wining novelist and Writers Rebel co-founder Monique Roffey, the visual artist Zak Ove, and the graphic designer Ebon Heath.

Big Oil refers to BP, Chevron, Eni, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Total, the world’s six largest and richest publicly-traded oil and natural gas producers.

Recent research published in the journal Nature Climate Change found that 85 percent of the world’s population has experienced weather events made worse by climate change. But the effects are vastly disproportionate, with many countries that pumped comparatively few greenhouse gases into the atmosphere suffering the most.

Existing pledges fall far short of what’s needed, putting the world on course for drastic food and water shortages, deadly weather disasters, and catastrophic ecosystem collapse. This is why the planet is set to warm by more than 2.7 degrees celsius by the end of the century. This is far above what world leaders have said is the acceptable upper limit of global warming. But even a lower increase would mean millions of people losing their homes to rising seas, vast sections of permafrost lost and extinction for scores of animal species.

The latest WHO report warns starkly: “The burning of fossil fuels is killing us…causing millions of premature deaths every year through air pollutants, costing the global economy billions of dollars annually, and fueling the climate crisis.”

Sources: Statista, The Washington Post, WHO




Cut down on your use of fossil fuels by flying and driving less. But more importantly, urge the government to make a binding commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by writing to the Minister of State for Energy, Greg Hands.

Join your local XR group and take to the streets. The more people who make a noise, the more noise there will be.

Share our Big Oil image far and wide, and engage others in conversation about global heating and its impact today – and in the decades to come. Because conversations change minds.

Download print versions A6 / A4 of the poster here from dropbox  and here from google drive

WHO COP26 report: “The burning of fossil fuels is killing us”