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Are you ready to rebel?We want you to establish Writers Rebel groups in towns, cities, regions and nations to galvanize this community's impact for the planet

Are you ready to set up a Writers Rebel group where you live or work?

First of all, read our mandate. If you agree with what we’re about, then read on!

Our ambition in 2022 is to create a network of Writers Rebel groups across the UK and the world. We are proud of what we have achieved so far as writers, with our events, blog, social media, podcasts and community. But there is more to do, and it needs to be done soon.

We hope that by the end of this year, we will be cheering on new, enthusiastic Writers Rebel chapters. You will meet new people, bring together an organising team, run successful and fun events, local campaigns, and feel satisfied to use your skills for action on the climate emergency.


Who you are

You are a writer of any stripe committed to climate action in both words and deeds. You want to help mobilise your writing community and audiences to speak truth to power about the climate emergency. You realise that doing nothing is not an option. You want to join a wider network of like-minded and committed people who love words, literature, and performance. And you have 4-8 hours a week to play a role in your group in achieving these aims and ambitions.


That sounds like organising and not writing?

Yes, that is correct. But there are no Arvon courses or big publishing deals on a dead planet. We have perhaps 4-5 years to act to change course. Like us, you believe that writers have an opportunity to use their skills and platform to bring attention to this emergency. Act, and write.


What skills you need

We are writers, but we need a range of skills to organise effectively for climate action. The skills we’ve brought to our actions, developed on the way, or leant on in the broader XR and climate justice network, include:

  • Events and project management
  • Video and audio editing
  • VR and digital broadcast (to ‘produce’ online events beyond simple zoom talks)
  • Great communication skills
  • Web content management
  • Public speaking
  • Media and PR experience

And of course, you need lots of:

  • Patience
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • And an inclusive attitude


What you will do

You may be the first mover to bring together a group in your town, city, region or nation. Or you may want to put your name forward for when we receive enough interest for a group to form. We already have interest from writers in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and some UK cities.

The first thing to do is self-organise. This involves hosting group meetings (we do ours online, weekly on Mondays) and organising your activities. We hope you will:

  • Host your own local / online events, such as our On The Brink series (or create your own) that promote and celebrate the writers in your location
  • Mobilise local writers to get involved
  • Share activity with other Writers Rebel groups
  • Get involved with our campaigns, such as our upcoming Paper Campaign (for 100% PCW recycled paper to be adopted across the publishing industry)


What you can contribute to that’s already running

  • We’d ask you not to create a separate blog, but contribute pieces to the main Writers Rebel site (this one!) as we’re always keen to receive new content
  • We’d love you to be involved in our existing social media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Or set up your own social media channels, and particularly new ones, such as on TikTok (any BookTokkers out there?!)
  • Volunteer to write our newsletter (and promote it to build audience)
  • Take part in our broader national events, such as our Writers’ Marathon; we’d love to see all our groups coming together in bigger, bolder and transformative actions using literature to galvanise actions to address the emergencies we face. 


What we will do

  • We will ‘on board’ volunteers, working with you closely to establish your group
  • We will share what we have learnt about galvanizing writers the last three years
  • We will support your plans and activities, and integrate you into the established network of writers, artists and publishers we currently work with
  • We will share media and event know-how
  • We will listen to your ideas and help make them happen
  • We will help you establish a regenerative and inclusive culture


What next?

If you are excited about the idea of being involved and being the founders of Writers Rebel [YOUR PLACE HERE! :)] then get in touch. Our team member Alex Lockwood is leading on gathering interest. Along with Sharon Eckman (on-boarding), and our campaigns, editorial, and media teams, we will do everything we can to work with you to ensure our vision of a broader, more inclusive, impactful writing community is achieved. So if you are excited, the next step is to email us at xrwritersrebel@gmail.com with the words NEW GROUP in the Subject.

Let’s speak soon! We look forward to working with you.