Read: Voice of the Living Forest: Interview with Indigenous Resistance Leader José Gualinga

José Gualinga is a leader of the Native People of Sarayaku, an indigenous Kichwa group with 1400 inhabitants living in a remote part of Ecuador’s southern Amazon. Known for their defence of the rights of nature and indigenous peoples, the Sarayaku call themselves the People of Noon, referring to an ancient prophecy of their ancestors […]

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Leer: La voz de la selva viviente: entrevista con el líder de la resistencia indígena José Gualinga

José Gualinga es un líder del Pueblo Originario de Sarayaku, un pueblo indígena Kichwa de 1400 habitantes situado en una parte remota de la Amazonía ecuatoriana. Conocidos por su defensa a favor de los derechos de la naturaleza y de los pueblos indígenas, los Sarayaku se llaman a sí mismos “el Pueblo del Medio Día”, […]

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Read: We Celebrate the Life of David GraeberDavid Graeber

David Graeber.

  During the recent Rebellion we lost an inspirational friend and ally, David Graeber. This Sunday, 11 October 2020, sees an Intergalactic Memorial Carnival take place in over 100 (and counting) locations around the world – and everyone from XR is invited. Rebels in London can head to Portobello Road, and there are events planned […]

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Read: Q&A with Neel MukherjeeNeel Mukherjee

  What do you think might be the role of writers in the Anthropocene? I’m not sure writers have much of a role in the world we inhabit now, or that we ever did: literature is wildly overrated; remember Auden’s ‘Poetry makes nothing happen’? I say this with sorrow and anger and disillusionment, not triumph. […]

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Read: The Enemies of Our PlanetCarmen Callil

Carmen Callil

  Publishing legend and founder of Virago Press, Dame Carmen Callil, spoke at the Writers Rebel action on Tufton Street on September 2 2020. She drew out the links between the foundation of Virago Press and the younger generations now fighting for equality and climate justice. I am always being asked about why and how […]

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